Rumour: Live Action Star Wars Heading to Netflix

By James O Malley on at

Disney is developing a live action TV show set in the Star Wars universe, and it will be coming to Netflix, according to new claims.

Cinelinx broke the story claiming the company wants to do the same sort of thing with Star Wars that it has done with Marvel, which it also owns.

The theory is that three different Star Wars spin-offs could launch on the service, each looking at different characters - though exactly whom is not yet known. Whether they will be characters we already know and love, or new characters who co-exist will probably depend on how much money the actors want. (We're hoping for a Jar Jar spin-off.)

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Apparently the company is currently trying to work out the scheduling for the first Netflix project, hoping that it will be shot between the numerous Star Wars films that are scheduled over the next few years, so that it can re-use the same sets. In the cinemas in addition to the new trilogy that stars this Christmas with The Force Awakens, the company is also working on a number of spin-off 'Anthology' films, starting with Star Wars: Rogue One in December 2016.

Earlier this year, Daredevil - which forms part of the same shared universe as the Avengers films and Agents of SHIELD TV show launched to huge acclaim on Netflix - and it is the first of four Marvel series that are planned. The next, Jessica Jones is expected to launch this autumn.

Cinelinx speculates that if the deal pans out as it expects, the first spin-off hit Netflix in 2017. [Cinelinx]