London Mayor Urged to Extend Bakerloo Line to Croydon

By James O Malley on at

Croydon council is petitioning Mayor of London Boris Johnson to update the plans for extending the Bakerloo line to get the track all of the way down to Croydon.

The Evening Standard reports that Cllr Tony Newman reckons that Croydon wants the tube more than the current proposed terminus in Hayes. He also says that "Bromley doesn't actually want the Tube." But he would say that, wouldn't he?

Extension of the Bakerloo line has been on the cards for years, as it is the only line through central London that has extra capacity. It is only recently though that plans have been firmed up and consulted on, with the current plan being to extend from Elephant & Castle to New Cross, and then taking over the tracks of some of the suburban rail services that currently run into London Bridge. One of the big decisions that the government needs to make is whether to direct trains via a proposed site in either Camberwell or Old Kent Road, which are currently both areas that desperately lack rail connections.

The lobbying from Croydon could add greater complexity too: given the advantages the tube will bring an area, presumably pretty much everywhere in South London will be lobbying for the line to go their way, until it is set in stone. In Croydon's case, it is arguing that plans for 9,000 new homes and a new Westfield shopping centre mean that a connection to the Bakerloo would be most welcome.

In any case, the eventual extension of the line isn't set to take place until the 2030s and that is without considering potential delays. So it is plausible that you might actually be dead before you can catch a train from New Cross to Piccadilly Circus. [Evening Standard]