Mad Internet Rumour of the Day: Paris Hilton Restores Vintage Radios for Fun

By James O Malley on at

Paris Hilton, the inexplicable celebrity who is best known for being inexplicably famous secretly restores vintage radios as a hobby, it has been alleged. Seriously.

Alan White over at Buzzfeed got the scoop - reporting on a number of independent accounts of Hilton's interest in the antiquated technology. One Reddit user claimed that she has a room full of vintage radios in her house - and another said she helped out when their car broke down in Germany, and she proceeded to talk about radios for half an hour.

An older "eyewitness" from 2006 claims to have spotted her in a "Hall of Science" asking about a Ham Radio license. She was also photographed last year talking at length to a WWII veteran - who (from the photo) certainly looks more like the sort of person you imagine is into repairing old radios.

So is Hilton, who is perhaps better known as the face of various perfumes and handbags (and sex tapes) secretly a tech geek? Sadly for the Buzzfeed piece, the claim was denied by Hilton's people - though they conceivably may just be trying to maintain her public image, right? [Buzzfeed]