Minecon 2015: The Five Things You Must Do and See at London's Minecraft Festival

By James O Malley on at

Minecon 2015, the world's largest Minecraft convention, kicks off at London's Excel Centre tomorrow, in an event that should see 10,000 fans get together to celebrate their enthusiasm for the game. But what is there going to be to do and see?

Costume Competition

An important part of any con is the cosplay - and whilst Minecraft's graphics might be slightly more limited than other games, the sheer creativity in costumes is astonishing. Check out this video from a couple of years ago, in which the participants demonstrate that, thanks to Minecraft, it is hip to be square.

Watch Speedrunners do their thing

Minecon has recruited four speedrunners to go up against each other with a live audience. The race to defeat the Ender Dragon will be commentated by celebrity Minecrafters SethBling and Antvenom - the latter of whom has previously completed a speedrun himself, which you can see above.

Redstone 101

One of the things that elevates Minecraft from simply being virtual Lego is the added complexity of the redstones, which provide the game with an analogue for electricity. Check out the video above to see one example of a house that someone has made, complete with working lights and even a motorised garage door.

The only problem with redstones is that they can be quite tricky to use and find. But luckily Minecon has it covered, offering a tutorial session hosted by the 4J Team, who will explain how to use the blocks.

Noxcrew Minecraft Gameshow

Brilliantly, the Noxcrew have used Minecraft to create a gameshow reminiscent of The Crystal Maze, in which two teams compete in different challenges that make use a brilliantly constructed Minecraft world. For example, in one game one player has to navigate through a maze, whilst coordinating with teammates to get them to press the right coloured buttons to unlock doors to allow them to progress. And just like The Crystal Maze, they could even risk getting locked in if they fail.

At Minecon, the Noxcrew will be running the gameshow live, and and will be showcasing a selection of the games on stage.

Storymode preview

As we learned last year, Mojang and Telltale are working on an intriguing "Story Mode" for Minecraft that brings in full narrative storytelling, like seen in other Telltale titles, with player choice elements. (Sounds a bit like The Walking Dead, with added Creepers). Other than that, details are sketchy. But the developers have hinted that Minecon will be where more is announced. Who needs E3 for the big gaming announcements when there's 10,000 of the Minecraft faithful in the same room?