Nexus 6 is Only £303.99 on Google Play

By James O Malley on at

Google has reduced the price of its flagship phablet - knocking the Nexus 6 down to £304 for the 32GB version, and £379 for the 64GB version.

As Engadget notes, that's a fairly considerable saving on the previous prices of £479 and and £549 respectively.

The phablet, which was released in November last year, comes with a 6" screen, Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM. Perhaps best of all, it is one of the few devices designed by Google itself - meaning that it will always receive the latest Android updates.

The reason for the price cut is at the moment unclear - as is whether it is permanent or a temporary summer sale. Given the phone is only half way through the expected year long life cycle, it seems that a replacement or update isn't on the horizon - so could manufacturing have got cheaper or did Google just decided it wanted to sell more?

Either way, now might be a really good time to snap the device up. [Engadget]