Nissan Pimps Its Ride With the Augmented Reality Electric PART e-VAN

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Taking its all-electric e-NV200 van, Nissan has transformed the vehicle, squeezing in as much technology as it can to make it the ultimate party on wheels.

The zero emissions drive has been kitted out with everything it needs to get a party started, whilst also having as small an impact on the environment as possible. For starters, you’ve got a dazzling disco ball that’s equipped with a solar panel array, feeding power back to other areas of the van.

Elsewhere, a DJ booth sits on top of the roof, hooking up to “silent disco” systems, letting headphone-wearing party-goers enjoy the music as loud as they personally want it without disturbing the neighbours. Side panels embedded with screens offer augmented reality features, letting revellers take snazzy photos and share them on the web from the van itself (camera-packing drones also circle the vehicle, capturing the party). Finally, an LED dance floor comes out of the back of the van, ready for your best ‘Running Man’ moves.

Though it’s a one off vehicle — you won’t be able to walk into your local dealership and pick up the PART e-VAN — Nissan is using the rave-bus to highlight just how customisable its standard e-NV200 configuration can be.

Following its debut in Berlin for the UEFA Champions League Final, the Nissan PART e-VAN will go on a European tour, so keep an eye out on your hols for its unique brand of mobile partying.

Want a closer look in the meantime? Check out the PART e-VAN doing what it does best in the video below.