Nosferatu Director's Head Stolen From Grave

By James O Malley on at

The 1922 film Nosferatu is widely viewed as one of the scariest horror films of all time, and a pioneer of the sorts of cinematic scares that came after it. But now director F.W. Murnau, who died in a car crash in 1931, has hit headlines again... from beyond the grave.

According to Spiegel (and mercifully translated by Variety) the director's head has been stolen from the family grave plot in Stahnsdorf, Germany. Grave robbers apparently broken into his metal coffin to access his embalmed body.

Apparently the other graves - including those of his brothers - remained undisturbed, and the suggestion is that wax residue found at the scene points to a possible occult connection with the theft. Yikes.

It's just a shame that Nosferatu was an unauthorised adaption of Dracula, and not a zombie movie, really. [Spiegel via Variety via The Verge]