One-Off Maserati Boomerang Goes to Auction This September

By Gary Cutlack on at

An amazing collection of rare cars is set to be auctioned this September, with the highlight being this Maserati Boomerang -- a one-off prototype that's still road legal.

The car was built to wow crowds at the 1971 Turin Motor Show, although it obviously didn't woo them to enough of a degree for the thing to be put into production. It's perhaps the most 1970s thing to have ever been conceived, as angular as a concrete motorway bridge with a cockpit full of the same mixture of dials and clunky switches you'd expect to see in a 1970s vision of the future.

The only way this could be more retro-futuristic is if it came with a man in a Wookie costume to sit in the passenger seat beside you, and one of the buttons on that insane round dashboard said "hyperdrive."

Glorious, until you start phoning around for an insurance quote or need a new exhaust pipe to get it through the MOT. The Boomerang will be the star of the Chantilly Sale organised by Bonhams this September, which will also see the likes of a Ferrari 250 GT, an almost as mad-looking 1951 Lancia Aurelia B52 and the Mercedes 450 SEL of French pop sensation Claude François go to auction.

There's also a slightly racist Bentley on offer. [Bonhams via Gizmag]