OnePlus Gears up for the Big Time by... Making More of The OnePlus 2

By Gary Cutlack on at

The forthcoming launch of the OnePlus 2 ought to mark the phone's arrival in the smartphone big leagues, with the maker revealing it's preparing "30-50 times" as many devices for the launch of its second phone, seeing as it's a famous thing people know about now.

The maker explains that it's taking a much bigger bet on success this time around in a blog post, saying: "With the OnePlus One, we did a bit better than we thought we would. This has made us more confident, and therefore we will have far more launch inventory than last time. We're talking about 30-50x last year. This means that it will be significantly easier to get an invite from the very beginning."

The sad news there is that it's still relying on the bizarre invite system that saw many potential buyers lose interest in the OnePlus One before being able to get their hands on one, but this time around it ought to be easier to get the sequel. The system has been tweaked so there's basically one enormous reservation list, with buyers notified when the next batch of stock is ready. And buyers also get invites to share with friends once again, along with a promise that they'll arrive quicker this time, too. [OnePlus]