Peter Jackson Has Rebuilt Bag End in His Basement

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are many signs that a person is an über nerd, but when it comes down to it there isn't much that can top recreating your fandom somewhere in your house. Now you can definitely count Peter Jackson as one of them, because he's gone and rebuilt Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' home in his basement.

Speaking to Stuff, Bino Smith, who worked on both Tolkien trilogies, Jackson and seven other members of the technical team built the replica in the grounds of Jackson's New Zealand mansion. It's not exactly obvious that it's there though, and getting to Bag End sounds a little bit complicated and ever so creepy.

Smith claims that you have to:

"Go down to the wine cellar and you pull a bottle, and it opens up a door, then you step out a look down this corridor - about 35 metres, we had to create it, then you go down one part, then there's a skeleton and some bodies, then you come out to a mock 'torture chamber', then you pull a book in a bookcase and the bookcase opens, and you walk into Bag End."

A skeleton and a mock chamber sounds pretty terrifying, but once that's done you do get to hang out in Bilbo's living room. Who wouldn't want to do that? Apparently even the likes of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Danny DeVito have been spending time down there. I just wish they'd snap a few pictures, so we can really see if it's an exact replica. [Stuff via NME]