Police Face Racism Allegations Following Facebook Posts

By James O Malley on at

Scotland Yard is investing claims that police officers have been using a secret Facebook group to express racist opinions, it has been claimed.

The Independent reports that officers used "offensive language" when discussing Jeremy Clarkson's sacking and the earlier Top Gear scandal over the use of the word "pikey" on the show.

It appears the group - called "I've met the Met" - was spotted and highlighted to Scotland Yard by members of the Traveller community. It has over 3000 members and is invite only - apparently members include current and former officers. The group has since been set to to secret, and the case is being taken up by the Met's Directorate for Professional Standards.

“I never knew a pikey could be offended,” said one comment, “I thought they were devoid of all normal feelings and thoughts … just my opinion based on many years of dealing with these despicable people.”

Another post apparently says “If you don’t live in a caravan, claim dole, have four aliases, convictions for theft of scrap metal, and are an artisan driveway landscaper then sorry chap, you’re not a proper Pikey no matter how many teas you’ve had from a baked bean can.”

The Standard quotes a Met spokesperson as saying that "DPS is assessing the information it has received to determine whether any serving MPS officer or staff may have committed any acts of misconduct and will also look to see if any criminal offences may have been committed. Should either be disclosed they will be fully investigated."

Apparently the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) could also get involved - and if it deems it necessary, launch a full investigation into racism at the Met. [The Independent via Evening Standard]