Real-Life Mech Makes Pacific Rim Battles a Reality

By Gary Cutlack on at

The American developer of a gigantic robot war machine thing has challenged its closest Japanese relative to a fight, setting a one-year deadline to complete modifications so the two can battle -- to the DEATH. Or at least until one of them runs out of harmless paint bombs or petrol or breaks or falls down a ditch and can't get up.

The challenge comes from the maker of the MegaBot Mk II, who claim that its twin-piloted robot comes equipped with paint cannon balls that can be fired at over 100mph. Imagine the mess that could make in an urban warfare scenario. They would like to fight Japan's SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES and their own KURATAS fighting robot, in the sort of war that wouldn't seem out of place on a 1980s cartoon series.

Here are some Americans being very American about it all:

All we need now is Craig Charles to do the commentary and the BBC could have a new series for men to replace Top Gear with. Although given the sorry state of the DARPA robotics competition entries, the war's likely to end after 20 seconds when one robot shoots its own leg off, catches fire and ejects its pilots face-first into the ground. [Digg]