Robot Kills VW Worker in Germany

By James O Malley on at

A contractor at a Volkswagen production plant in Germany has died after an incident involving a robot.

According to The Guardian the 22-year-old died when he and his team were setting up a stationary robot, which grabbed him and crushed him against a metal plate.

VW spokesperson Heiko Hillwig has attributed the accident, which happened in the town of Baunatal to human error, rather than a problem with the robot's programming. Usually, the robot is restricted to a "confined" area and is tasked with grabbing pieces of cars and manipulating them. Another contractor who was present when it happened was not harmed.

There is currently an investigation into the exact causes, and German prosecutors are currently figuring out if charges should be brought. And if so, against whom.

In a slightly unfortunate twist the story was first broken on Twitter by the Financial Times' Sarah O'Connor, which led to numerous Terminator jokes. She was quick to point out that perhaps everyone should be more sensitive, as someone has actually died.