Rumour: A New Apple TV Box Will Land Alongside iPhone 6S in September

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's oft-neglected Apple TV box is rumoured to be getting a refresh in September, just around the time you should be marking your calendars for the unavoidable iPhone 6S launch.

According to Buzzfeed, a revamped set-top box will land having been on a bit of a diet, slimmed down despite carrying swankier hardware than current models contain. A new remote control, rumours of which sparked initial reports that the facelifted Apple TV would land at WWDC 2015, will land alongside it, and is said to have a touch-sensitive pad and potentially even a TouchID finger print scanner for security purposes.

The TouchID rumour ties in with a claim that the next Apple TV box will come with its very own App Store. So that fingerprint scanner would make sense to prevent little Timmy from buying every season of Adventure Time or all the in-app purchases for whichever insipid freemium games would inevitably make their way to the box.

What's not expected to launch however is Apple's own TV streaming subscription service, thought to offer a bundle of local TV channels alongside iTunes video content. Regardless, previous rumours have pointed at Apple aiming to perfect any eventual US service long before a UK launch is sorted, so that last feature probably won't matter here for a long time, even if the September box launch proved true.

The Apple TV has always been a problematic product for Apple. Steve Jobs once famously called it little more than a "hobby", but that's not prevented years of dedicated 4K TV set rumours. The TV, despite a decade's worth of work, is now thought to be completely canned. Though its existing set top box serves iTunes content and iOS mirroring well, the Apple TV's abilities pale in comparison (and pricing) to the app-laden Roku, or affordable streaming sticks like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, or even Google's Chromecast. [Buzzfeed]