Sainsbury's Launches Digital/App Magazine Sub Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

The entertainment bit of supermarket giant Sainsbury's has a new thing to tempt you with today, launching an on-demand magazine shop along with Android and iOS apps to give you yet another way to express shock that Oh My Vlog! is a real magazine.

The Sainsbury's Magazines digital section apparently has "around 1,000" magazines to choose from, proving that (a) magazines are still definitely not dead and (b) companies still think there's some point in competing with Google/Apple/Amazon in sectors they clearly stand no chance in.

The good news for customers is that there's now another way to slowly accrue enough Nectar points to get yourself a £5 voucher by 2024, with each mag title earning reward points when bought.

The supermarket is also offering short-term subscriptions for the committed reader with brand loyalty, with 3, 6 and 12 month subscription packages on offer -- and a free copy of the in-house Sainsbury's Magazine as a teaser so you can see if it works on your phone and whether they come in a decent format or are just crappy resized PDFs. The service says that "enhanced digital editions" of some titles are on offer, so hopefully it's not all crappy resized PDFs.

The Android app is here, the iOS one is probably somewhere else. [Sainsbury's]