Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Revealed in Leak

By James O Malley on at

Samsung is readying another phablet to sit alongside the expected Galaxy Note 5 later this year, as leaked images of what is said to be the Galaxy S6 Edge+ (note the plus) have emerged.

Engadget reports that the phone will essentially be to the S6 Edge as the iPhone 6 Plus is to the iPhone 6: Nearly identical on the inside, but with a bigger screen. Judging by the photo, it appears that screen will be around 5.5" inches - just shy of the 5.7" note.

The difference with the inevitable Note 5 appears to be that the S6 Edge+ will lack the stylus, removable battery and SD card, and perhaps the extra functionality on the curved part of the screen - with the Edge's curves merely being used to look cool.

The phone is also coming to US carriers according to FCC filings, which suggests that it could also be making its way to the UK.

It'll be interesting to see what this means for the Note 5 too: Will this (so far unannounced) phone beat this device on spec? Which will be positioned as the more elite device? We're expecting Samsung to announce something around the IFA show in early September. [All About Samsung via Engadget]