Samsung Working on "Selfie Camera Drone"

By James O Malley on at

Samsung appears to have thrown a bunch of modern words at a wall and have decided to make whatever sticks, as it has emerged that the company is apparently working on a "selfie camera drone".

According to SamMobile it will be exactly what it sounds like: A drone that will take photos.

This wouldn't be the first drone that can do this - but is easy to imagine a gap in the market for something affordable for non-pro drone users. Think a small, pocket sized drone which you can set off, position with your phone and then use your phone to trigger a photo on the device. Whether this is what Samsung is thinking, but that would be our speculation.

As SamMobile notes, the South Korean firm does have form with pumping out weird devices: In recent years it has created a tonne of different smartwatches, even back when nobody understood them, and last year it released the Gear VR headset, in which you mount your phone as a display in a virtual reality Oculus Rift-style device. So a drone that takes pictures... sure, why not?

Obviously we can't verify this at this point, but if the reports are true, perhaps we'll hear something official in early September at the IFA show? [SamMobile]