Sir David Attenborough Hopes the BBC is "Protected" From Politicised Destruction

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sir David Attenborough has added his famous, silky, warm, fatherly and comforting voice to the ongoing conversation covering What To Do About The BBC?, attempting to brush off the current debate by saying that our political leaders have always tried to "...change the BBC to suit their own purposes."

The quote came from the BBC's own Breakfast programme, where Attenborough said he hopes the BBC's position as the major broadcaster in the UK is protected in some way, as you might expect from the one-time BBC2 controller whose nature programmes are one of the corporations most beloved creations.

Attenborough also spoke about the matter on Radio 4, where he confirmed he'd put his name on a letter supporting the BBC that was sent to PM David Cameron. Attenborough said: "The BBC has to defend itself, and quite properly. Like any institution if you want to have your supporters' voice heard, you go about helping that to happen. That's a perfectly proper thing to happen."

He understands the need to change to take into account modern lifestyles and changing viewing habits, though, adding: "The broadcasting landscape is changing and changing radically and broadcasting organisations have to change in order to deal with that properly, so it's quite right and proper that the function of the BBC in detail should change as the landscape changes." [Techradar, PA]