SkyQ Box Bringing 4K and Netflix Style to Sky "Within Weeks"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sources suggest Sky is about to drastically rework its TV options in the very near future, when it'll launch the SkyQ box -- an Apple TV style internet media streamer with UHD output for those who view traditional satellite broadcast to be a little outdated.

According to the Telegraph, the SkyQ box has been developed primarily to keep BT, Virgin Media and the rest of the dongle-TV crowd at bay, offering a wireless hub approach that lets one box serve TV to a variety of phones and tablets in the household. According to a source who's seen prototypes in action, the SkyQ unit has a "much more visual" approach to its menu system than the current Sky boxes, presenting material in a Netflix-style series of carousels that wants to blur the lines between live, internet and on-demand content.

It's possible what we're perhaps getting is a rebadged version of the Foxtel IQ3, an internet TV device launched earlier this year from the Oz branch of Sky. That lets users watch "trending" shows so they have something to talk to people about tomorrow, has the ability to record three shows while watching a fourth as if four worthwhile things being on TV simultaneously has ever happened, plus it's Bluetooth controlled so can be set running while you're in the toilet. [Telegraph]