Sky's Year-Long Free Fibre Broadband Deal Sounds Too Good to be True

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sky is making the boldest play it's ever made to become your super-fast broadband provider. The broadcaster-come-ISP has today announced a new deal for customers switching to its service, giving away a year's worth of free fibre connectivity.

From tomorrow (Saturday 11th July), anyone who signs up for Sky Fibre broadband will get the first 12 months of their contract paid out for free, where it's normally £10 a month. With a minimum contract term of 12 months, that's essentially a year's worth of high-speed web access completely free. It seems that Sky is banking on customers being too lazy to trot off elsewhere when the contract deal runs out. The deal comes with a 25GB monthly cap, but customers who want unlimited broadband can choose Sky Fibre Unlimited, which will be slashed to £10 a month from its regular £20 monthly rate. Both options come with claimed download speeds of up to 38Mbps.

There are a few charges to be aware of alongside these headline numbers though. Sky states that a "set-up cost" may apply, and you'll have to cough up £6.95 for delivery of the router. You'll also have to factor in a £16.40 a month line rental charge, and Sky Talk landline packages (starting at £0/a month for the Sky Pay as You Talk option or from £4 a month for inclusive Evening and Weekend calls) are mandatory too.

Having said that, according to Sky, the offer will save customers £186.13 over the course of a year, compared to a similar service from BT. All in, not a bad offer at all. [Sky]