Sony Experiments With a More "Stock" Approach to Android

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those not overly convinced by Sony's take on Google's Android OS may soon find a more Google-like alternative on its Xperia range, thanks to the phone maker experimenting with a completely different take on the Android 5.1 build for its Xperia Z3 mobile.

Described as the Concept for Android initiative, it looks like Sony's finally given in to all the commenters moaning about wanting a "stock" Android option on the Xperia series, with Sony's trial launching an alternative Android launcher that offers a "...stripped back, vanilla Android look and feel" augmented by only a handful of the native Sony apps that users actually... use.

Sony says: "This trial will help us assess the potential of running wider Android operating system concept initiatives for more markets, devices and users in the future -- as we look to shift towards a model that allows for the creation of experiences with real user input, whilst adopting more transparent and open workflows."

The sad news is it's only a limited trial for 500 users in Sweden at the moment. If they give it the thumbs up, we could see Sony take a more vanilla approach to Android in the future. Or at least give buyers a choice. [Sony Mobile]