Start Menu Inventor Disappointed Windows 10 Still Needs One

By James O Malley on at

Whilst most PC users around the world are rejoicing at the launch of Windows 10 and the much-anticipated return of the Start Menu, there is one user who has more mixed feelings: Former Microsoft Interface Designer Danny Oran, who invented the Start Menu in the first place.

Business Insider posted an interview with Oran, and Windows Central spotted the key comment.

Speaking on the eve of the Windows 10 launch, he told BI "In some ways, it's a little disappointing the same stuff is in there", adding "In retrospect, I wish I got a royalty".

The piece goes into the history of the button, and reveals that it was almost very different indeed:

"Originally, Oran says, it was called the "System" button, and it lived at the top of the screen. But for whatever reason, maybe because it sounded too technical, users in these Windows studies wouldn't click a System button no matter what. But once they renamed it the "Start" button, people understood it intuitively."

The piece goes on to talk about how Oran had previously worked with scientists trying to teach Chimps - which later informed his approach to user interface design.

"The things you work on can have a surprising impact", Oran who now works designing suicide prevention strategies is quoted as saying. [Business Insider via Windows Central]