Survey Shows Labour Voters Like The Sims & Tories Like Call of Duty

By James O Malley on at

It turns out that Conservatives are more likely to be fans of Call of Duty, whereas Labour voters are more inclined to play The Sims compared to people who voted for other parties. Which is exactly what you might expect from stereotypes: should we be surprised that lovers of the nanny-state, Labour, prefers a game where you get to control people's lives, and is it really that shocking that nationalistic Tories prefer a game where you get to go and blow up scary foreigners?

These are the findings of a new poll carried out by YouGov. Unlike a lot of polls you see in the media, this is legit, having been carried out by a proper polling company rather than a PR agency, so these claims aren't just advertising bluster.

When asked about their favourite game series, Conservative gamers picked Candy Crush, which falls in line with the population as a whole, whereas Labour games chose Candy Crush and Grand Theft Auto equally. LibDems and UKIP voters prefer GTA.

One of the largest video game divides by party is over turn-based strategy game Civilization, which is significantly more popular among Labour voters. Well, Margaret Thatcher did almost say that there's no such thing as society, right?

Interestingly, when people are divided by gender and not political affiliation, the favourite game series of those polled also fits the stereotypes: Women overwhelmingly prefer Candy Crush and The Sims, and men prefer an even spread of GTA, FIFA, Call of Duty, Football Manager and Civilization.

YouGov also polled on some of the oldest debates in video games: Mega Drive vs SNES, N64 vs PlayStation and Mario vs Sonic.

On Mega Drive vs SNES there was perhaps a bit of a class divide: Labour voters preferred the Mega Drive (21% vs 15%) and Tory voters preferred the SNES (19% vs 14%). On N64 vs PS1, the PS1 wins hands down for all parties though, perhaps reflecting Sony's dominance over Nintendo's platform.

Sadly YouGov didn't divide up the results of Mario vs Sonic along political lines (would the associations with red and blue matter?), but it did confirm that most people have the correct opinion, with 29% of people preferring Mario and only 22% preferring Sonic. [YouGov]

Image credit: Shutterstock/Difught (edited)