Teenager Who Invented Gun-Firing Drone Arrested

By James O Malley on at

A few days ago we reported on an 18-year-old from Connecticut who has invented a quadcopter that can fire a semi-automatic handgun.

Check out the video if you haven't already despaired about the future enough:

Since it has emerged that the teenaged creator, Austin Haughwout, has been arrested by US police. Surprisingly not because he has created a mechanised death machine, but because of an unrelated incident stemming from a "physical altercation" with officers. He has apparently been charged with assault and interfering with a police officer.

According to Phys he refused to submit to arrest, and instead kicked and hit at two officers "repeatedly".

It'll be interesting to see what happens next, as (unsurprisingly) America's Federal Aviation Authority was thought to be investigating the video. Though given America's cavalier approach to gun control, we can only wonder if it is more concerned about the drone not having the right lights on it than the fact it is carrying a firearm. [Phys]