That Rumoured Huawei Nexus Smartphone Sounds Pretty Amazing

By Darren Orf on at

We started hearing whispers about two months ago that Google would pull a first with its smartphones and tap Chinese company Huawei to churn out its new Nexus device. And now, with the familiar late-October release date for Nexuses approaching, rumours are starting to reach critical mass.

The well-trusted leaker Evan Blass got his hands on the specific specs of the unconfirmed Nexus and laid it all out for us:

It looks like Google will backtrack on the huge trend, at least slightly, dropping from the Nexus 6’s 6-inch size to a slightly more manageable 5.7 inches, around the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note. But the new Nexus will also be sporting a blazing fast Snapdragon 820 processor that hopefully addresses the overheating concerns of its predecessor. The fingerprint reader isn’t a huge surprise, considering it’s one of Google’s big Android M upgrades outlined during Google I/O in late May. [Evan Blass]