The Best Gadgets and Gear for the Ultimate Summer BBQ

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're now fully immersed in Summer, even though the weather never seems to be the same two days in a row. But if there's one thing that we all enjoy about this season, it's a good old BBQ -- despite it sometimes meaning standing under an umbrella while you grill sausages. Whether you're having a BBQ party, or you just happen to be cooking ribs for the family, there are plenty of things you can buy to make the whole thing better. Here are a few suggestions.

18x Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup Kettle Chips, £15

If you're having a BBQ party you'll need some snacks for people to nibble on while the food is cooking. Bacon and Maple Syrup Kettle Chips are a fine choice, and even though it sounds like a strange American breakfast it'll give your guests something to talk about. Plus, we all know everybody loves weird food. [Buy it here]

Vacu Vin Food Cooler, £32.05

So you're cooking a bunch of meat on the BBQ, and not all of it will fit on the grill at the same time. You could keep all the raw meat in the fridge, and resign yourself to the fact that you'll make to make multiple journeys before the day is up, or you could use this. The Vacu Vin Food Cooler is a sealed container that keeps your food cool and fresh, without the need for a fridge. That means you can keep it all by your side. [Buy it here]

Octopus Basting Bottle, £20

Basting is a great way to add some extra flavour to your food, and it you want to save on the post-meal clean up you could try this basting bottle. Just fill it up with some sort of sauce, and you can directly apply it with the basting brush-style lid. The octopus design is just for fun. [Buy it here]

Motorised Grill Brush, £79

The one real downside to the good old BBQ is that cleaning the grill can be a huge chore. Until we can get our hands on a robot cleaner that doesn't cost the earth, this brush will have to do. This handy brush will clean away any dirt, grease, and grime without the need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals. The head removes as well, so you doesn't need to worry about cleaning the cleaner. Just remember to get some batteries in. [Buy it here]

Musketeer BBQ Fork, £15.25

Another fun addition to your BBQ experience, this fancy fork will help you shift the hot food around while you pretend to be a master swordsman. Just try not to start any beer-induced bouts of fencing, ok? [Buy it here]

The Original Grillslinger, £46

There are a lot of tools you need to get the BBQ right, so where is the best place to keep them than in a toolbelt? It has room for your barbecuing tools, with removable dishwashable grease catchers, condiment holders, and somewhere to keep a cold bottle of beer. [Buy it here]

Ivation Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer Set, £45

Cooking your meat to perfection requires keeping a close eye on the temperature, but what if you don't want to be standing by your BBQ all day? This thermometer lets you measure the internal temperature of your meat from up to 300 feet away, and will flash and beep if it rises above or falls below your pre-set temperature. [Buy it here]

BBQ Smoker, £14

One of the things missing from a gas powered BBQ is the smokey flavour that is ubiquitous with charcoal. You can have the advantages of a gas or electric BBQ without sacrificing the flavour, thanks to this smoker. You just need to fill it with the appropriate wood chips, and they'll smoke and smoulder to add some flavour to your meat. [Buy it here]

Electric Barbecue and Stove Lighter, £69.04

Getting that flame started can be tricky, especially if it's windy or British weather rears its ugly head again. You've got to get that fuel burning somehow, and if you find it tricky you might want to invest in one of these. It fires incredibly hot air at the BBQ, and within a couple of minutes you'll have a nice fire going. No need for fire lighters, matches, fuel, or any other chemicals that might screw up the taste. [Buy it here]

Mudder LED BBQ Grill Light, £14

You can't always rely on the sun to stick around, especially if you're barbecuing late into the evening. Thankfully there's no need to stop when the sun goes off the shine on the other side of the world, you just need this lamp attached to your BBQ. It's easy to mount, and it uses LEDs so you know you're going to get a nice long lasting bright light to work with. [Buy it here]

Husky Stella Artois Fridge, £120

Ok, let's be honest here. You're having a BBQ with your friends and/or family, so you're going to want a plentiful supply of cool beverages. Forget the fridge, that'll be filled with food, which means you need your own dedicated booze fridge to quench everybody's thirst. It doesn't have to be filled with Stella, heck you could fill it with Diet Coke if you felt like it, but it's something every BBQ should not be without. [Buy it here]

i-Box Slix Bluetooth Speaker

Last but not least, every BBQ isn't worth a damn if there's no music. You should try this one from i-Box. It's Bluetooth, splashproof, shockproof, and all those other 'proofs' manufacturers use to try and get you to buy their stuff. Thankfully they all mean it'll survive the odd spilt beer. The Slix has a 10 hour battery life, and can even link up with a second Slix speaker to improve the sound its pumping out already. Perfect to crank out 'Summertime' by The Fresh Prince every half an hour. [Buy it here]

Featured image: Jun Seita/Flickr (modified)