The Big Sports Money Comes to VR With Nike and a Famous Football Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr is currently substantially richer thanks to the marketing division of Nike, which has bunged a batch of his local currency his way in return for starring in some sort of bizarre and ultimately futile "VR experience" in which you can, sort of, pretend to be a footballer for up to a minute.

It's all happening as part of a Nike virtual reality experience built around selling the company's new Hypervenom Phantom II boots to slightly podgy men who kick balls around parks on Sunday mornings and for their children to demand to have to take to school for PE on Wednesday afternoons.

There's a YouTube video of it, one that's geared up for use with Google Cardboard or the 3D viewer of your choice to give you the general idea, plus it's possible to grab the video with your mouse and scroll around a little even when watching in non-VR mode on a computer screen that isn't Velcroed to your head. Well done, outsourced video production company.

Amazing. It's like actually being in an advert, or a FIFA cut-scene. Imagine the possibilities for marketing things to/at you when VR really takes off. [YouTube via Engadget]