The Government Wants to Send Online Pirates to Jail for 10 Years

By Tom Pritchard on at

The government has decided it's had enough of all this piracy nonsense, and wants to introduce new measures to ensure that people know that piracy is not ok. That means increasing the maximum jail sentence from two years all the way up to 10.

According to BBC News these new measure will still be aimed at people distributing pirated content, rather than the average person downloading the files, and it's hoped that increasing the maximum sentence will deter people from committing piracy-based crimes.

Peter Ratcliffe, detective chief inspector and head of the police intellectual property crime unit had this to say:

"Online or offline, intellectual property theft is a crime. With advances in technology and the popularity of the internet, more and more criminals are turning to online criminality and so it is imperative that our prosecution system reflects our moves to a more digital world."

This is yet another win for the music and film industries, who have been pushing for such measure for quite sometime. They apparently didn't believe that a maximum sentence of two years in prison was enough to deter would-be pirates.

The new rules would also mean that the maximum sentence for piracy would be greater than some violent crimes. I think we can all agree that that's fucking nuts. [BBC News via Digital Spy]