The iPhone 6S Will Look the Same as the 6 – But Huge Changes Inside

By James O Malley on at

New leaks show a case for the iPhone 6S that is identical to that found on the iPhone 6 - though speculation is that the forthcoming device's innards will look radically different.

According to 9to5Mac, which obtained photos of the case from a source, on the outside all is familiar - even including the antenna strips, which Apple were rumoured to be doing away with. Similarly, the camera looks set to be the same as the 6, with it poking out a little bit, despite earlier rumours that it would be flattened.

What is different is what 9T5M calls the internal mounting structure, which suggests there will be new logic boards that are mounted differently. So spec-wise, what actually goes on inside the device could be a bit different, but we'll have to wait to learn more. The website also reminds us that there are also rumours that the new device will feature pressure-sensitive "ForceTouch" (similar to the Apple Watch) - presumably though this could conceivably still be built into the existing facade.

The new phone appears to be following the earlier pattern, whereby the "S" model takes the same design as the previous year, with the next new-numbered model changing things more dramatically.

Obviously none of this has been confirmed yet, but we can presume that the iPhone 6S and inevitable 6S Plus will be announced by Apple in September for an October launch, following the pattern of the last few years. Until then, expect Apple to remain tight-lipped. [9to5Mac]