The Next Google Nexus Phone May be Made by Huawei

By James O Malley on at

Google's next flagship handset could be manufactured by Chinese giant Huawei, according to new rumours.

Android Central reports that manufacturing of Google's next handset could fall to Huawei, the first time Google has opted for a mainland Chinese manufacturer, instead of using the likes of Asus or HTC, which are both Taiwanese.

The speculation is that Huawei's Nexus could be a 5.7" device - perhaps an update to the recently discounted Nexus 6.

The news is significant because not only does it speak to the continued growing power and credibility of native Chinese companies (which we're perhaps more used to as the place where gadgets are assembled rather than designed), but also because it could signal that Google is planning to launch its Google Play services in China. Apparently as part of the deal, Huawei would help Google establish its Play app store in China, and in return Google would help Huawei market its Android Wear Huawei Watch to the west.

As Android Central notes, currently Chinese developers can already sell apps on the Play store, but Chinese consumers are unable to buy apps over Play thanks to the "Great Firewall. It'll be interesting to see if this new relationship enables Google to get around the restrictions. [Android Central]