The Perfect Gifts for Ant-Man Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know that superhero movies are a big thing these days, and with that has come a trend of movies based on characters that aren't as big a deal in the comics. Shrinking hero-extraordinaire Ant-Man is one of those characters, and it just so happens that Marvel's tiniest hero now has his own blockbuster film.

To commemorate Ant-Man's big-screen debut, we've found some of the best Ant-Man and Marvel themed gifts to get you in the mood to pop down to the cinema and see an ant-sized man beat up a bunch of baddies.

Ant-Man Season One, £19

If you need a jump-in point to understand who this 'Ant-Man' character is, then Ant-Man Season One is a good place to start. It's a comic that reminds people about Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man who's played by Michael Douglas in the movie, and what circumstances led to him to donning a super-suit to fight bad guys. [Buy it here]

Ant-Man: Scott Lang, £16

Three men have adopted the title of 'Ant-Man' in the comics, and the movie focusses on the second one: a reformed criminal called Scott Lang, who stole the Ant-Man suit to save his daughter's life. This comic collection has everything you need to know about the would-be hero, and should give you a bit more understanding of the character before (or after) you see the movie. [Buy it here]

Marvel's Ant-Man Prelude, £10

As you might already know, the Ant-Man movie makes a few changes to the characters. Unlike the comics, the movie version of Hank Pym is a retired scientist and a former agent of SHIELD who operated in the 1980s. This comic serves as a prequel to the movie by detailing some of Hank's missions within the organisation. It's not essential reading, but it does give the film a little bit more backstory. [Buy it here]

Ant-Man/Giant Man Epic Collection, £21

If you want to read a lot more about Hank Pym than his origin story, then you should look into adding this to your reading collection. Inside you have 448 pages of classic comic tales detailing the adventures of Hank Pym and his wife Janet, aka the Wasp. Just bare in mind that Hank has had numerous superhero identities over the years, so don't expect him to stay as the teeny-tiny Ant-Man for too long. [Buy it here]

Ant-Man Volume 1: Second Chance Man, £8

Ant-Man has always been a very B-list superhero over the years, so he hasn't really been top priority over at castle Marvel. Luckily, like Guardians of the Galaxy,  the movie changed that and Ant-Man got his own solo series that doesn't suck. This one sees Scott Lang back as Ant-Man, and moving down to Florida to do right by his daughter and ex-wife. In the process he fights a giant Nazi robot that turns things into gold, a giant bear, and founds his own security company. [Buy it here]

Lego Ant-Man Final Battle, £26

No good superhero movies would be complete without a Lego tie-in, and Ant-Man is no exception. This set features Ant-Man, Hank Pym, the villainous Yellow Jacket, and a giant flying ant. Plus, since they're all shrunk down, the set comes with some not-to-scale Lego keys and giant screws. [Buy it here]

The Art of Science Antquarium, £18

Ants play a big part in the Ant-Man movie, hence the name, so it only makes sense that you might want to learn a bit more about them. This 'antquarium' is a securely sealed ant habitat perfectly designed for the study of the six-legged insects. It has transparent gel to watch them build their tunnels, and was even tested in space by NASA. The only thing it doesn't have are actual ants. You have to source them from the wild. [Buy it here]

Official Marvel Ant-Man T-Shirt, £13

What kind of geek would you be if you didn't add your new favourite superhero into your wardrobe? Since you're all going to love Ant-Man now that he has his movie, you should do the same and throw a t-shirt adorned with his helmet into the pile of clothes you leave on the floor. [Buy it here]

Ant-Man Funko Pop Figure, £14

Funko Pop figures are all the rage these days, what with their adorable miniature features and all. Now you can add a 3 1.2 inch tall Ant-Man to your collection, and proudly display with all your other toys. [Buy it here]

Lego Marvel Superheroes, from £9

There isn't really an official Ant-Man game, but thanks to the countless inter-changeable characters in Lego games you get to play as the mini hero in the realms of Lego New York. He can control ants, he can shrink, and he can hack computer terminals to advance the levels. Plus you get to play as more than 150 other characters along the way. [Buy it here]

The Avengers 6 Movie Collection, £38

Before you head off to see Ant-Man you might want to brush up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe by watching the older Marvel movies. That's where this box set comes in. To prep yourself for the arrival of a new lesser-known superhero, you might as well go back to the point where the main characters of the Marvel movies were in the same situation. While it seems crazy to think this way now, only die-hard comic fans used to care about Tony Stark. [Buy it here]

Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray, £14

Ant-Man might seem like an odd character to bring to the big-screen, but it isn't the first weird Marvel property to do so. You might remember that last year's breakout hit was a film adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, which everyone was sceptical about. Then it came out and everybody loved it. Sound familiar? [Buy it here]

Iron Man Mark VII iPhone 6 Case, £11

Your phone needs protecting, and there is no better way to protect it than slapping it into its own suit of Iron Man armour. The light from the rear logo will filter through to mimic the effect of the suit's arc reactor, and gives you full access to your iPhone's ports. What more could you want? [Buy it here]

Spider-Man 8GB USB Flash Drive, £17

USB drives are all pretty much the same when it comes down to it, but there are plenty of them with fancy designs for a bit of visual flare. If you're looking for something for transferring small files, this one is perfect. Y'know because it's Spider-Man. [Buy it here]

Captain America Qi Wireless Charging Pad, £46

Got a phone with Qi wireless charging? Sick of the boring plain charging pads? Get yourself one of these instead. It's a Samsung device meant for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but it's compatible with all Qi devices. That means you have your very own super soldier gadgetry charging your phone each day. [Buy it here]

Mjolnir 3D Deco Wall Light, £27

Normal lights are boring, but you do need to brighten up your rooms. Why not use something that looks awesome? There's nothing quite like having Thor's hammer embedded in your wall, and it's even better that it emits a warm blue glow. It's battery powered, so no wiring is necessary, and you can stick it anywhere you like. [Buy it here]