The PS4 Finally Has an Officially Licensed Media Remote

By James O Malley on at

After more than a year on the shelves, the PS4 is finally getting a traditional remote control for its media playback functionality.

Peripheral maker PDP has announced an officially endorsed media remote for Sony's machine, which fits everything you'd expect to control a Blu-ray or Netflix stream on to the remote.

Like the PS4 controller itself, the remote works over Bluetooth rather than traditional infrared, with a couple of AAA batteries apparently getting you six months' use out of it. The remote also includes buttons for switching to controlling your TV and sound system, if you have compatible devices.

The remote is due for release in America on the 31st October for $29.99. There's no official word on a European release yet, but it would be a real surprise if Sony didn't make it available here. [Gamespot]