The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

So what's the deal with the weather? We like talking about that in Britain, don't we? Well, when I say 'talk', I actually mean complain. 'It's too cold', 'it's too wet', 'it's too cloudy', or the dreaded 'it's too hot'. Boy, was it hot though; breaking records in July hot. Plenty of people were whining that it was too cold at the start of June, and then look what happened. Damn you nature.

But enough about the weather, because it's not related to this week's list of apps. Thankfully the forecasting apps seemed to all update before the heatwave struck.

iPhone Apps

Crossroad: When you're out during a social event people are constantly snapping pictures to help remember the occasion, often uploading them to an online service like Facebook or Instagram. The problem is not everyone has accounts for those services, which is where Crossroads comes in. The premise is simple, you set up a group of people and the app will automatically collect everyone's photos in one place for everyone to see. [Free]

TagsDock: If you're using apps like Instagram or Vine, you can usually expand your reach by using hashtags. But who wants to find the right hashtag and type them out every single time? TagsDock is a keyboard specifically dedicated to attaching hashtags to your posts. There are over 100 categories, comprising of over 3,000 different hashtags for you to choose from. Hopefully that will get you a few extra likes. [Free]

Shazam: You should all know what Shazam is by now, but that doesn't mean the music-identification service isn't constantly improving. Now it's got a bunch of social features that let you follow famous musicians and see what they're using Shazam for. It's also now fully integrated with Apple Music. [Free]

Browsy: If you're looking for a distraction-free browser, consider Browsy. It is a full-screen web browser for iOS, powered by gestures and lacking any and all distractions. There's also a focus on privacy, with a 1Password extension to keep all your log in details safe (you need the 1Password app, however) and the search is powered by tracker-less search engine Duck Duck Go. [Free]

Citymapper: If you live in Manchester, Birmingham, or London, this app will help you find your way around with minimal fuss. Citymapper has everything you need to get around, including directions and information about the public transport networks. The latest update boosts those capabilities with real-time transit departure/arrival times, ETA information, step-by-step sat nav, improved sharing, and more. [Free]

iPad Apps

Office Sway: This one is another offering in the world of visualising your ideas, offering a canvas for your ideas to come together for you to share with other people. It pulls in images, videos, and text together in a cohesive format that promises to consistently look great. It's hassle free, and it's compatible with your iPhone, iPad, desktop, and OneDrive. [Free]

Moleskine Journal: If you're fond of Moleskine journals, you might want to give this one a shot. Basically the app is a digital version of the iconic notebooks, with the same look and feel you'd expect from the real thing. There are multiple styles to use (some of which you have to pay for), and it even functions as a digital artbook with tools for you to create some inspiring pictures. It all syncs to Evernote and Dropbox as well, so you should never lose a thing. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Tour De France 2015: This year's Tour is going on right now, and since it's the biggest event in the world of competitive cycling then might well want to give this a download. The app has all the latest news and events from the race, along with the ability to track the cyclists via GPS. There's plenty of video content in here, and it's a great way to stay up to date with the latest news and results. [Free]

Togethera: This is a social app for sharing with people who matter the most, in complete privacy. You set up your groups (with family, friends, and whoever), and only they get to see what's being shared. It's also had an update, meaning us Brits can now take advantage of the new photo printing service. Essentially, you can order prints of any pictures shared between everyone so you actually own them. [Free]

Pushbullet: The ever-excellent sharing system Pushbullet has had a major overhaul, and that means a brand new interface which makes it easier to share files and links with friends. It's also had improvements to file previews and app-link browsing. [Free]

Android Apps

addappt: If the contacts on your phone are an absolute mess, addappt might be able to help. It automatically updates whenever your contacts change their details, to easily keep you up to date with what's going on. It's now got a new user interface, promising faster navigation, a 'favourites' bar that remembers who you last communicated with people, and groups. [Free]

Inputting+: One of the most annoying things about working on a touchscreen is that you don't have any of the same 'Ctrl+[X]' functions that you do on the keyboard, which is a little irritating. Inputting+ helps out in that respect, by throwing a bubble onto your screen that offers undo (ctrl+z), redo (ctrl+y), find & replace (ctrl+f). It even has a quick-insert clipboard history, and if you pay for the premium version you can use a feature called Inputting Timeline that collects text you've typed out, in the case your apps crash. [Free -- with premium upgrade]

WordKik Child: Despite David Cameron's best efforts, kids can still easily access adult content on the web. If you're worried about that them doing so on an Android device, and there are no parental controls pre-installed, then WordKik Child is something to get downloaded pronto. It stops kids from accessing adult content in the web browser, controlled and monitored from a parent's device. It'll inform you if they're trying to access adult content, if they're using bad words (plus context), and if you have the premium version you can remotely lock apps. [Free -- with premium upgrade]

OneDrive: OneDrive's latest update only has one feature, but it's a biggy. It now has Chromecast support, meaning that photos and videos that you've saved in the cloud can now be cast straight over to your TV. That effectively turns your OneDrive account into a media server, but without the hassle of having to leave an actual server device on whenever you want to watch something. [Free]

PlayStation App: I personally determined that the PlayStation 4 is the better console the other week, and now it's official app has had an update. That means a few big features have popped up, including access to the PlayStation Store in the palm of your hand. You can also redeem PSN and promo codes in your phone, and if you're one for broadcasting your gaming experience you can see comments on your phone as an extra part of the second-screen experience. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

InstaNote: Taking notes in meetings is a bit of a pain, especially if you're so busy jotting things down that you end up missing something. InstaNote takes all the hassle out of it, letting you record the last 30 seconds of audio at the touch of a button. So if you heard something important, you won't be missing out. It'll even transcribe it where possible, removing the most awkward thing about audio notes. [Free]

Flick: Sharing files cross platform isn't always the easiest, but if you want to send something quickly and easy from your Windows Phone you can always try Flick. Just make sure the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and you can flick them across. There's even an auto-destruct function if you don't want people keeping hold of them longer than they should. [Free]

Yummly: Apps filled with recipes are all well and good, but they all have a set number of recipes that doesn't change all too often. What if you want to try something new? You should give Yummly a try because it's not just a recipe app, it's more like a recipe search engine. It'll sift through a whole bunch of online recipe sites to find something that you want to cook, and you can use its filters to find something you'll enjoy. Plus the more you use it the more it'll learn about you, and throw a few relevant suggestions your way. [Free]

Truedialer: Truedialer is a handy little tool that shows you who's calling you before you've picked up the phone, even if they're not in your address book. It's all powered by its network of users, and it means you don't have to answer a call from those irritating PPI people ever again. It's been updated, and with that comes a fresh interface that promises to be simpler and faster than every before. If you're constantly getting dodgy phone calls, this is an app for you. [Free]