The Week's Best iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

San Diego Comic Con took place over the last few days of last week, and that always come with a host of on-site trailers and the inevitable reels of grainy leaked phone-camera footage. That's something that has always bugged me, the fact that people who can't go to San Diego have to rely on crappy videos to see what went down. Isn't the whole point of the event to build hype for films or TV shows that are there? So why is this footage not officially posted online around the same time?

Anyway, let's focus a bit more on the homestead and have a gander at this week's selection of apps.

iPhone Apps

Liner: If you're surfing the web and you find a small piece of text you want to keep an eye on, it's a bit of a pain to have to keep going back. Liner makes it a bit easier by highlighting text on the web, and keeping everything safely stored away for later reference. There's even an option to share and export highlights, which is especially handy if you're doing research on something. [Free]

Halo Channel: This is fairly self explanatory, it's the mobile hub for all things Halo, straight from the developers 343i. Halo Channel has all the latest news and video content about the Halo series, including professional gaming highlights, weekly updates on the future of the franchise, and the critically acclaimed web-series, Forward Unto Dawn . [Free]

Deliveroo: You don't always want to go out for dinner, but ordering in from a dedicated takeaway outlet isn't always that appealing. That's where Deliveroo comes in. Deliveroo is a service available in most cities across the UK, and it lets you order in from the best restaurants in the area. That's incredibly handy, and it's super speedy too: the average wait is just 32 minutes. Not bad for a restaurant meal. [Free]

Spark: Getting through your emails can be time consuming and boring as hell. Spark aims to make it a lot quicker to clear your message backlog. It automatically sorts your email based on content and context, lets you send quick replies, and has a swipe-to-archive/delete gesture. The latest version also has tools to delete emails en masse. [Free]

YoVivo: We all store our photos and videos in a multitude of places, but wouldn't you prefer to keep an eye on it all from one central hub? That's what YoVivo is for. It brings together all of your online cloud and social media accounts so you can access and share all your videos and images from one place. It's very simple, and you can protect it all with a password or TouchID. [Free]

iPad Apps

Swipe to Meet: When it comes to meeting up with people, it can be a pain to message them and then compare calendars to figure out when you both have time to spare. Swipe to Meet lets you solve all that and find an appropriate time in minutes using a Tinder-like swiping interface. It's had a nice big update as well, and that means it's much faster, works offline, and gives the organiser more power than before. [Free]

The Open: Yesterday saw golfing's oldest tournament return to St Andrews, which will carry on until the end of the week. Included is an interactive course guide, real-time results, video highlights, a behind-the-scenes glimpse of everything, along with all the other stuff you need to keep up with what's going on. [Free]

DM1 - The Drum Machine: This one has a fairly obvious function: it's a drum machine that lives inside your iPad and lets you create your own beats and tunes. Included are 99 drum kits (27 classics and 71 in-house electronics), along with the option to import tunes in and export your creations to social media. [£3.99]

Fragment: Tablets are great for manipulating images, and this one lets you add a prismatic effect to your snaps and create something new and interesting. Just pull your image in from the camera roll and tap away to 'fragment' it, and turn it into a prism-like image. [£1.49 -- with in-app purchases]

Top Gear: Caravan Crush: So the Top Gear that everybody knows and loves may have gone forever, to be replaced by something completely different, but we can still revel in its disgust for caravans with this fun little game. The whole purpose is to fire your car across the Top Gear test track and destroy as many caravans as humanly possible. Anyone who's ever been stuck behind one of the blasted things is going to love this. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Android Apps

ArtStation: This is a showcase platform for the creatives in the world, specifically artists involved in games, film, media, and entertainment. It's a place where they can upload and show off their work, and for people to go hunting for some fresh talent. You can follow your favourite artists, and if you're uploading your stuff then you'll be happy to know that ArtStation is compatible with images, videos, and 3D models. [Free]

Hooks: Notifications are something you need, but you also hate if they go even slightly wrong. You don't want to download a bunch of apps to stay up to date, in case they go nuts and send you a barrage of alerts about things you don't care about. There are over 100 channels covering different topics, and you can set up what you find out by push notifications. It could be sports results, lottery numbers, horoscopes, or anything you really need. [Free]

Streaks: This is one for starting and keeping up with habits, Streaks is a log of tasks that you have to complete on a daily basis and build a streak. Everyday you miss, that streak then reverts back to zero and leaves you to start all over again. Don't worry, though, you'll get notification reminders to help you keep up. The first five habits are free, but if you want more then you'll have to pay. [Free -- with in-app purchase]

Tuber: If you subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels then you'll know that the main site isn't that great for managing and keeping an eye on all of them. There's a column for all the latest videos from subscribed channels, another for finding new video content, or just deal with everything based on individual channels. [Free]

Easy Uninstaller: If you browse these lists every week, you may find that your device very quickly fills up with apps that you never use. Uninstalling isn't always easy on Android, and Easy Uninstaller gives you an option for getting rid of them en masse. All it takes is a few taps of the screen and all those space-wasting programs will be gone. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Onyu: This one is a tool for keeping your data secure and making sure that it only goes out to the people you want it to. Now there's no need to manage any of this yourself, because Onyu will take care of all that for you while keeping you in total control. Heck you can even share info with someone then pull it back if you feel like it. [Free]

Core Music Player: One of the places Windows Phone is really let down is in the department of music playback. Sure it has Xbox Music (or, 'Grooves', as it is now known) on there, but it's not that great. Core Music Player is a decent option, and one of the great things is that it can play music directly from your SD card. No form of importing or fiddling around involved. It plays all sorts of music files, has a full featured music library, and even lets you manage all the music file data in-app. [£1.49]

Video 360: Virtual reality is becoming a big thing, and part of that involves the 360 degree videos we've seen getting uploaded to YouTube. Video 360 coming out now means that Windows Phone users can enjoy it as well. Just move your phone around to see the video from a completely different viewpoint. [£1.49]

Fitbit: The Fitbit app has been a bit neglected on Windows Phone in recent times, but it looks like it's not been abandoned just yet. There are new updates to the sleep tracking function, which improves the sleep history, and lets you work toward goals. There are also improvements to the challenges feature, which includes trophies, and the inclusion of personal bests to keep you motivated. [Free]