There are 12 Versions of Doctor Who to Play With in Lego Dimensions

By Andrew Liszewski on at

We’ve known for a while that Lego Dimensions will include levels based on the seemingly never-ending series Doctor Who. But at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed that every time the Doctor is defeated in the game, he’ll actually re-spawn as one of the 12 other versions.

The game will feature actual the voice of the current Doctor Who, played by Peter Capaldi, but longtime fans will certainly appreciate the chance to play as one of the previous iterations. The game will even automatically adjust the soundtrack and the interior of the TARDIS based on which version of the Doctor is currently being played with.

When the 12th Doctor is defeated in the level, he returns as the 1st Doctor and then regenerates back up to the 12th Doctor again. The interior of the TARDIS will reflect the corresponding Doctor the player embodies or can be manually selected. There’s even a jukebox inside where players can choose among different versions of the Doctor Who theme music.

The Doctor Who level will be included with the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack, but there will also be an additional level pack available for purchase that includes a Minifig version of Capaldi’s Doctor, a TARDIS, and the robotic K-9 which can all be imported into the game. If you’ve always wondered how Batman would fair against a Dalek, this game might be your only chance to find out.

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