This 3D Printer is an Artist That Paints With Light

By Jamie Condliffe on at

3D printing needn’t just be used to make real objects. Artist Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi has been using one to paint with light, to create these incredible depictions that look amazing viewed as a timelapse.

This 3D Printer Is an Artist That Paints With Light

Light painting is, of course, nothing new. But here, Kalsi has attached an RGB LED to the working end of a 3D printer and captured the way it can be used to build a light-based structure over time. The thing can’t be seen by human eye while it’s in progress, but the result on video looks like some kind of hologram.

There’s probably something deeply meaningful to be said here, about the use of a new technology designed to make tangible artefacts being used to create something transient, something that’s never really there at all. [Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi via 3D Printing Industry via Engadget]