This is Microsoft's Cancelled McLaren "3D Touch" Windows Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Video has emerged of a prototype Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phone model, one codenamed "McLaren" that was supposed to be a high-end model to replace the Lumia 1020 and offer a new 3D Touch interface option. It never came out, obviously, else we'd remember not buying it.

Now we can see how the Lumia that never was would've looked in the real world. The owner of the prototype seems particularly keen on showing off the sensitivity of the touchscreen, almost as if it's his first go on one and he's only just upgraded from an LG Viewty.

Sadly the clip doesn't actually show any of the 3D Touch features and gesture controls that Nokia was supposed to be working on for this model, so all there is to see is the shape (same) and camera sensor  bulge (big) to see, plus two minutes of a man scrolling a menu like he's never seen a menu before and is scared of what might happen if he presses on a word:

Skip to the 44 second mark if you want to see the technical magic of the screen sensitivity happen, although it's not much more than you see on the "glove mode" options of many phones. You could probably identify the leaker from the file structure of the images shown in the reflection on the screen, if you've not got much else on today. [Windows Central]