This is What Happens When You Share Your Facebook Log-In Details With the World

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man created a few social media accounts with the sole intention of letting everyone access them for a laugh, and the results tell a predictably bonkers tale of weirdness, lies and inevitable harassment.

As you might expect of the fun-killing internet behemoth, the first thing someone tried doing was locking the account by changing the password and ruining the experiment for everyone. How predictable, Mr Internet Warrior, how predictable.

It was reset by project creator Joe Veix, who went on to record the marriages (with himself), multiple pic uploads, likes and reviews (of ISIS) and more left by those who temporarily took control of the page, with someone eventually rebranding the account as the Customer Service Representative of food chain Taco Bell and attempting to instigate a social media war on the restaurant business.

Veix thinks the site's success was because it was a model Facebook citizen, explaining: "Why wasn't the account flagged by Facebook for spam? My guess is because the account performed like an 'ideal' Facebook user -- friending people, liking brands, sharing posts with abandon, etc. In a way, the profile seemed to be more successful than most 'real' accounts -- Facebook favored the aggressive usage, and the account spread like a kind of virus, perfectly designed to take advantage of how Facebook operates."

All in all, it was quite the exciting experiment in allowing anonymous people to go rogue in a controlled manner on the internet. And he did the same thing with Twitter, only to have Twitter close the account when someone logged in started using the gift of anonymity to harass a teenage girl. [Death and Taxes via Buzzfeed]