This is What the New Ghostbusters Will Drive

By Adam Clark Estes on at

If you weren’t already excited about seeing the Ghostbusters’ new proton packs and jumpsuits, director Paul Feig is now offering a sneak peek at the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle. Like its predecessor, it’s a vintage Cadillac. Somewhat unlike the original Ecto-1, however, this new car is undeniably a hearse.

As he’s done with past leaks, Feig tweeted an image of the Ghostbusters 3 paraphernalia in a clear attempt to stir up some intrigue about how he’s resurrecting the classic '80s franchise. Somewhat appropriately, the new Ecto-1 appears to be a 1989 Superior Cadillac Sovereign Commercial Funeral Coach, a model that’s actually descendent from the 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor Combination End Loaders that were used in the first two movies. However, that model was actually used as both an ambulance and a hearse. The original Ecto-1 was, in fact, an old ambulance that was converted into the now legendary design.

This Is What the New Ghostbusters Will Drive

All that said, the darker connotation of the new Ecto-1 is appropriate. It actually falls more in line with Dan Ackroyd’s original design which featured an all-black chassis with white-and-purple lights. The original Ghostbusters cinematographer eventually vetoed that colour scheme, since so much of the movie was filmed at night and it wouldn’t show up well on camera. But you don’t really need to paint a hearse black to know it’s a vehicle of death—or ghosts.

Image via Paul Feig