Today is the Worst Possible Day to Buy a New iPod

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumour has it that Apple's secretly filled a container ship with new versions of the iPod Touch hardware, which could go on sale as soon as... tomorrow.

The iPod Touch that hasn't had its internal bits fiddled with since 2012 will be biggest winner in the rumoured update of Apple's music players, with news suggesting it'll come with a 64-bit processor this time to make music sound better in many completely intangible ways.

That'll probably be the A7 processor as found in the nearly-current-gen iPhone 5S, which ought to make the refreshed iPod Touch a quite desirable option for people who want to live the Apple logo dream but can't quite stretch to an actual iPhone, perhaps because they're only 13 years old or keep failing credit checks.

The July 14 release date comes from previously leaked marketing materials, while some product icons found within iTunes 12.2 appear to show that the updated Touch may come in pink, gold and blue options. The same icons also showed that the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano would get the new colour schemes too, although they're unlikely to gain any extra power. Moore's Law doesn't apply at the budget end of the market. [Apple Insider]