'Twin Peaks' Restaurant Opens in London This Summer

By Gary Cutlack on at

An "immersive dining experience" that has been "inspired by the world of Twin Peaks" is the next niche eatery on the way to wow ironic Londoners with its unusual menu of offal/cereal/toast/, with a pop-up eatery celebrating David Lynch's TV masterpiece set to launch this August.

A simple teaser web site is in existence at Not What They Seem, where series fans can register for more information. The known information at this stage is that it'll open for business somewhere in London between August 27 and October 17, with 30-something TV nerds able to register their interest in booking a table right now.

Tickets for dinner are expected to come in at £65, or poorer fans can pay £5 to sit in the themed bar area. There will be some "interactive elements" to the evening to justify the impressive per-head cost, so expect dwarves and shouting and ghosts and the like. [Not What They Seem via Standard]