UK iPhone and iPad Scammers Harvest Bank Details With Fake Customer Service Calls

By Gerald Lynch on at

For scammers, mega successful products like the iPhone and their owners make for easy targets. Attacks need only focus on one platform and, due to the mass appeal of the devices, you're likely to find some tech-luddites among the userbase easy enough to con due to a lack of technical knowledge.

As a result, UK iPhone and iPad owners are currently being targeted by bogus call centre gangs, acting as Apple customer services reps, intent on harvesting bank account details.

Migrating from the US, the scam sees dodgy websites generate faked crash reports, offering up an error message with a customer service number to call to rectify the problem. Except, of course, there is no problem – victims are instead put through to one of the scammer's phone operators, posing as an Apple support staff member, who then entices the victim to share valuable payment card details.

While the City of London Police have acted to take down a site associated with the scam, there's nothing to stop others using the same technique. Be on your guard. [Action Fraud via The Register]