Vlogging Hell, This is a Real Magazine

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new incredibly specific magazine in town, this time aimed at the very small niche of people who are into YouTube stars. It's called Oh My Vlog! and it celebrates the internet celebrities with their nice hair and winning smiles and secret product endorsement contracts they don't like to talk about, and it's out now for £3.99 if you can tolerate having this much enthusiasm in your life.

One of the men involved in publishing the title on behalf of book giant Egmont has been on Twitter responding to amazed old (by which we mean over 24) people all day, with the question "OMG Is this really a real thing?" being asked of him on more than one occasion.

Paul Lang has assured people that yes, it is real and yes, you, or your teenage son who spends a lot of time on a webcam being excited about things that seem new to him and is actually quite famous in Panama and will own a house by the time he's 20, can buy. [Paul Lang via Twitter]