We're Going to Need a New Name to Describe This Transforming Cabinet

By Chris Mills on at

The designers have named this spectacularly over-engineered cabinet the ‘Cubrick’, but that doesn’t even come close to doing this transforming masterpiece justice.

The Cubrick is a piece of furniture from London’s YardSaleProject. I’m hesitant to call it a cabinet, because it’s unlike any other cabined I’ve ever seen. When you pull apart the two handles, all 20 compartments flip open instantly.

In addition to being insanely gimmicky, it’s also a clever piece of design: you get instant access to every cubic inch of storage space, but can also tuck things away, out of sight when they’re not needed. The clever engineering is also shown in the pricetag: £5,000 for the cheapest version, running up to £7,200 for the version you can see above. [YardSaleProject via Laughing Squid]