What's the Deal With Amazon's Prime Day Sale?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Wednesday July 15 is when Amazon's hosting its first ever Prime Day, a special day of deals designed to encourage us to sign up to its unlimited free delivery-with-additional-perks scheme.

With the sale now already up and running, we've already began hand-picking the best offers for you lot. Check them out here.

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It's a little more complicated than Amazon's usual sales however. Here's how it works.

Do I Really Really Need Amazon Prime?

In your life -- no. For the purposes of this promotion -- yes. All the deals that appear as part of Prime Day are limited to those with a current and active Amazon Prime subscription, which usually costs £79 for a year.

Can I Get The Deals By Using The Free Trial?

You can, yes. Amazon UK's Prime Day primer page says those without the premium service can sign up for a 30-day trial, for free, so if you've not already burned through your free trial rights that should work for accessing the Prime Day deals tomorrow.

When Does It Start?

It's already started, kicking off at midnight on Tuesday, so it might well be worth getting the Amazon app on your phone if you're hoping for some cheeky work time shopping.

What's On Offer? 

As it does with its daily Lightning Deals discounts, there are already some Prime Day items listed. At 12:10am, for example, the KitSound Ovation Slim Soundbar Speaker was listed on on offer, at a price significantly less than its standard £97. The LG Urbane smartwatch is also one of the first deals to come online after midnight, although we suspect the event might be absolutely flooded with discounted smartwatches -- so perhaps don't jump in too soon.

Will It Actually Be Rubbish?

The first few hours of deals can be seen on the site already, showing a bizarre mixture of monitors, shavers, soundbars, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, tents, beds, bike pumps and cat houses, so... at least you could charitably say there might be something for everyone. [Prime Day]