WhatsApp Gets "Mark Unread" Option

By James O Malley on at

WhatsApp has announced a new "mark unread" feature to help users figure out what messages they still need to respond to. But this doesn't mean you can hide from your friends just yet.

According to Metro, by tapping and holding on a message you'll see an option appear to mark it unread. But here's the important thing: it only changes the marking for you, essentially acting as a reminder that you need to respond. If you've already read the message, your friend will still see two green ticks.

The same update will also apparently be adding the ability to mute conversations for 8 hours, a week, or a year and will also enable customisation of notification tones and vibrations, as well as a low-data option for WhatsApp voice calls. Metro also reports that the ability to automatically backup your messages to Google Drive, but given that WhatsApp's corporate parent is Google rival Facebook, we'll only believe it when we see it.

At the moment the update is only available for Android, and will require you to manually install the update. Presumably it will be rolling out to other platforms shortly. [Metro]