Xbox One Now Has a Game That Syncs With Philips Hue Lights

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ah, now this is cool. Philips' Hue lighting system, with its Wi-Fi connected LED bulbs, is already a smart way to tweak the ambient lighting intensity and colour in your room (not to mention tapping into a host of third party apps that can make them act as anything from a mood light to a makeshift disco ball). But I'd never considered the potential for Philips Hue as a gaming add on.

The company has teamed up with game developers Frima Studio to add ambient lighting features to its Xbox One platformer Chariot. As onscreen enemies attack, your room will turn red, walk through a forest and the lights will glow green, witness a magical explosion and the room will flash white. You have to wonder why no-one has thought of doing it before.

It's a niche feature, for sure, but I think it actually could be really great if more developers got on board. Imagine your room lighting turning a fiery red as you descend into the hellscape of the next iteration of Doom, or the mad light show that a trip down Mario Kart's Rainbow Road track would provide. Sure, it's not as immersive as VR, nor as complex as Microsoft's Illumiroom concept. But colour me impressed with Philip's surprising move to become, essentially, a gaming peripheral manufacturer. [Philips]