Xiaomi's Going to Starting Uber-ing Smartphones to People

By Darren Orf on at

In another piece of evidence for the overwhelming argument for me to never leave my sofa, Xiaomi announced that it’s going to partner up with Uber to hand-deliver smartphones. Yep, this sofa is real comfortable.

One full day before the Xiaomi Mi Note is available online (July 27th), you’ll be able to tap a “Xiaomi” icon within the Uber app, and just like hailing an Uber, a orange-coloured Xiaomi car will deliver the phone to your door within minutes. Right now the partnership is limited to Southeast Asia, where Xiaomi reigns supreme, but it’s undeniable we see a glimmer of our future in this marketing stunt. Three already offers same-day delivery, and Amazon is testing it's own Uber-esque delivery service. In our one-click-buy-it-now-and-deliver-it-now future, it looks like Uber will be right at the centre.