You Could Save Quids When Shopping Online With Bespoke Offers' Beat My Price

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When buying stuff online, are you ever slightly nervous that you’re not getting a great deal? With so many places to buy from, how can you be sure that when you hit “Add to Basket” you’re not paying more than you need to? Sure, you could spend hours trawling around the web researching, but who has that sort of time (and the patience not to be distracted by all the cat LOLZ)?

Enter Beat My Price - a new website from Barclaycard’s bespoke offers that aims to make shopping online easier.

The way it works is pretty clever. Once you’ve found something you want, paste the URL into the Beat My Price website, which will then go away and work its magic to try and hunt you down a better price, up to 12% cheaper*1. Then, you just sit back and wait, with the service sending you an email within 48 hours when it has found you a better price. You’ll then have an allotted time (usually 12 hours) to take advantage of the Beat My Price special offer*2. It is a bit like having a personal shopper - Beat My Price will go out and find a better price for you, whilst you put your feet up and play some FIFA. The whole service is free and open to anyone, too.

Beat My Price could save you up to 12 per cent on purchases - which could be a considerable chunk of cash if you’re looking for a new phone or laptop.

For example, Richard from Wales managed to get 15% off of a GoPro Hero 4, and Ian from Yorkshire and Humberside saved 13% on a TomTom Start 25 M SatNav system.

Beat My Price works for all sorts of things, not just tech, that you might want to buy, including toys, video games, books, films and TV shows.

You can even install a bookmarklet directly into your web browser toolbar, so that whatever website you’re on, you can be one click away from challenging Beat My Price to try and find you a better deal on whatever you’re looking at.

So if you want to get ahead and start saving, head over to Beat My Price. Find It, Paste It, Beat It!

*1) 3 out of 4 times we find a better price than the one found by the consumer.  

*2) Personalised discount emailed to you within 48 hours. Limited time period to use discount, usually 12 hours. Shoppers are currently able to make up to five requests a day on Beat My Price. 

Beat My Price is owned and operated by Barclaycard, whose conditions apply.