You Definitely Want a Machine That Turns Food Into Tiny Jelly Spheres

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Despite the fact that you’re eating tiny fish eggs, caviar lends any meal a feeling of sophistication. So it only makes sense that you’d want to eat everything in the form of those tiny jelly-like spheres, right? That’s where this handheld contraption, currently raising funds on Kickstarter, comes in.

The Imperial Spherificator doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but the novel food it creates certainly does. If it can be blended into a liquid that can be squeezed out of a syringe, then any food you can imagine can be turned into tiny caviar-like spheres. Fruit, vegetables, spices, it’s all fair game, although you might have trouble making steak spheres.

You Know You Want a Machine That Turns Any Food Into Dippin' Dots

How it works is well known in the molecular gastronomy world. All you need to do is mix your blended food with a tiny bit of sodium alginate, and then eject tiny drops of it into a mixture of water and calcium chloride. When the two meet, a chemical reaction occurs creating a thin membrane that traps the liquid in a soft squishy sphere.

Typically, a small syringe is used to create the tiny caviar-like spheres, but the Imperial Spherificator simplifies the process even further with an adjustable powered mechanism that creates perfect uniform spheres every single time. Its creators are trying to raise $80,000 (just over £50k) on Kickstarter before the month is out to help finalise the Spherificator’s design. [Kickstarter - Imperial Spherificator]